ANC And Their Message Of Positivity In “Be Alright”

Mumbai-based three-piece outfit – ANC dropped their new track “Be Alright” along with an endearing music video in the first week of May. The single is their first release this year. It follows after their debut three-track EP – ‘Tell Me Everything’ and the other singles they released last year.

‘Be Alright’ is an easy listening track that sends forth a message of hope and positivity. “I wanted to give hope to people out there who might not be in that good of a place right now. I wanted to tell them what I have seen through different times in my life, that at the end of the day it will be alright.”, says the frontman Arjit Sahai. The track is heavily based on the effortless guitar-plucking and simple but tranquil lyrics, accented by minimalistic percussion. Melodic harmonies by the vocalists in the outro brings the song to a fitting end but also leaves the listener wanting more.

The track features ANC members Dhruv Kathuria on the bass grooves and production, Ritesh Malaney on the percussion and Arjit Sahai on vocal duties and the acoustic guitar. Second Sight’s Anusha Ramasubramoney’s handles the vocal and harmony duties and Mumbai based musician Kush Asher’s beautiful piano motifs add a depth to this indie track’s vibe. The song is mixed and mastered at Dhruv’s home studio ‘Disciplined Chaos’ by him and his production teacher Itek Bhutani.

The video for the song is shot by Anish Ajmera and directed by Sahai. The visuals show the band’s goofy side in an open nature shoot.  The video features the trio singing along to the song and being their natural selves. The camera kept running throughout the shoot and managed to capture them in their real essence, clips of which added a fun dimension to the music video.

Even after their tour getting cut short due to Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown, the boys haven’t lost their drive. They have already started working on their new music, collaborating long distance and building scratches for their songs. It’s safe to say we can expect a lot more music from ANC in the future.

Article By : Rushaki Ghosh

Published by Rushaki

With each passing second one grows and learns. One matures. Once you fall down on your knees, burnt and broken, you choose - either you keep low and go out, or you rise. And I promise all of you, I shall rise each and every time, over and over again.

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