Pune’s rising hip-hop talent – Ae Zed En

Azaan Alam aka Ae Zed En is an emerging hip-hop artist based out of Pune. He was exposed to hip-hop music at a very tender age through the likes of Eminem, Akon, 50 cent, The Notorious B.I.G and more. The influence of hip-hop music started bleeding into his school-work, and was supported by his mother and his teacher. A creative person from the beginning, Azaan was always fueling his need to create by finding proper channels in all forms of arts. 

Azaan started getting into trouble because of his rebellious nature post high-school.  This is the period where he started getting into writing music and recording. College was also emotionally hard on him and took a major toll on his life. After suffering various traumatic social experiences and making it through a near-death experience, he moved in with his father in the UK where he pursued graphic design. Even though he was really good at the craft, his heart was set on making music. He spent more time around musicians and less around his design peers.

“The rapper in me was always in me, co-existing side-by-side to with everything else I did – from product design, graphics, web development, and illustration. With all my ideas of a ‘practical career’ I never stopped rapping or making beats. I just never accepted it as a practical, full-time job to identify a serious career with.” – Ae Zed En.

He moved back to his home-town Pune to pursue what he loves and believes to be his calling – music. He already has several singles and EP materials already prepared. He has also slowly begun dropping his music and various freestyle verses on his social media to build a fan-base. He released his first single on Youtube and other streaming platforms titled: “I’m Too Much” last week.

“I’m too much” is a hip-hop track that is entirely self-produced, written, and recorded and released along with a self-made animated lyric video. Even though the track still leaves much to be desired, it has commendable production which features Indian vocal samples and bilingual lyricism and is a good sample of the artist’s soundscape.

“I wanna pioneer a sound deriving from Indian Classical music, Bollywood and Qwwali rhythm patterns because that is what truly represents me as a Mulsim Kid from Pune-Bombay. And obviously say the most gangsta bars on every record I touch.” – Ae Zed En.

Ae Zed En is an independent artist surely showing promise of climbing up the ranks in the growing Indie Hip-hop scene. All that remains to see is how he shapes his narrative and music in the future to stand out be the next big thing.

Published by Rushaki

With each passing second one grows and learns. One matures. Once you fall down on your knees, burnt and broken, you choose - either you keep low and go out, or you rise. And I promise all of you, I shall rise each and every time, over and over again.

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