Cha’bi’s Latest Single Dives Into Dark Thoughts Of Depression

Hindi alt/indie-pop band Cha’bi composed of duo singer-songwriters – Akshay Kapoor, who is a renowned music journalist and Paras Khanna, a professional music producer – have dropped their new single ‘Shayad ke Main Zinda Nahin’ across all platforms on June 10th 2020. With a focus on ‘heartfelt lyrics, contemporary writing and groovy arrangements’, this acoustic-heavy single is a peek into the mind of someone who is going through a dark time. The lyrics talk about the self-consuming thoughts of a person dealing with depression and loneliness – being lost, unsure, insecure and disconnected from the world. The band hopes the song comforts people going through tough times.

With a twang of Hindi folk music, the acoustic guitar riffs, complementary percussion and clean vocals lend to the ambiance of this melancholic soundscape. The minimalistic production in the track brings the focus on the clarity of vocals in the track; as if the instruments are just to accent the message behind the words. “Akshay wrote this song a long time ago. We have been playing and making different structures since then. While recording and production I have had many different thoughts but the thing that stuck with me was the rawness of the lyrics.” says Paras Khanna.

Cha’bi – Shayad Ke Main Zinda Nahin

Formed back in late 2017, Cha’bi dropped their debut single called Raat Ka Aayina in January 2018 which propelled the band to the top of charts on Apple Music, featuring on playlists like Apple Music’s Future Hits playlist, Indian Pop playlist, The A-List Indian Pop playlist and on the Alternative Genre charts. With a plethora of original music already out; they have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the independent music scene.

Author : Rushaki Ghosh

Published by Rushaki

With each passing second one grows and learns. One matures. Once you fall down on your knees, burnt and broken, you choose - either you keep low and go out, or you rise. And I promise all of you, I shall rise each and every time, over and over again.

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