Get some tea, lets peace out with Suvankar Mishra’s single from upcoming album

Over a span of about 6 years, Deep Blue Seas a.k.a. Suvankar Mishra has been doing his thing in the alt-rock zone. He’s been a musician going by the stage name ‘Deep Blue Seas’ and with the scheduled release of his album this month on the 30th of June, we’re here to tell you why exactly you should be listening to ‘Bliss’- the second single from the upcoming album that’s been streaming on all platforms.

The album ‘Surrender To Love’ is a personal journey for Suvankar that talks about how he wants to connect in depth through music with his audience. ‘Deepblue seas is an idea ‘, as he says when asked about his stage name. His ideologies about how he wants to be perceived by his audience is channeled through his passion as a musician which you can see through his simple yet very relatable content. This album, in particular, is about love and peace for each other as beings. It’s about valuing what you have and giving the moment it’s due importance. Given the lockdown, I’m sure we’re all relating and reflecting to understand what means most to us as individuals.

Diving into ‘Bliss’, this close to 4-minute track is breezy with a touch of dream pop. The vocals will remind you of Tame Impala in bits and pieces. The theme and sound of this song is simple and notable, with that echo you’ll hear in the vocals adding to a transitioning state of mind the artist is probably putting you through. Its got its own charm as it talks about what people in the city of Mumbai love doing, watching the sunset at Marine Drive, sipping on tea and just living wholly through that moment of peace and beauty. Thematically, this song is about the most basic things humans do in a city thats so full of dreams and achievers. What binds them is that one moment of simplicity, that little break from the hustle, a cup of tea and a few minutes of ‘Bliss’.

Listen to Bliss by Deepblue Seas on Spotify Music

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