‘Renaissance’ by Corner Cafe Chronicles

20 seconds into CCC’s latest album and you’ll feel yourself going into a nostalgic local bar-back-in-the-day kinda feeling. ‘I.F. Only’ is playful and a smooth on and off between electro and alt-rock. Patkar (Vocalist) seems to have held on to making it sound as genuine and real as possible and in most ways succeeded.

‘Renaissance’ happens to be Corner Cafe Chronicles’ debut album, throwing you into a headpsace about the uncertainty of things in life. It sonically brings out a spacey retro-electro feel, talking about the inevitablity and constancy of change.
‘Renaissance’ sounds breezy, with elements that would remind you of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit and Tie’, this one ending in fade. The band is more spaced out when it comes to the instrumentation throughout the album,
Swanand and Parth adding to it as backing vocalists. This combo of four sends the listener into a space of groove and wonder both together. The lyrics propel a sense of neutrality in an atmosphere that shifts all in between arrangements of varying genres including chill hop and RnB. The guitar solos & basslines take over and leave you wanting for more, the highlight of the band.

Music Video for Midas, One of the tracks on the Album.

The band has minimalised the use of vocals through most of the EP, focusing on the instruments and bringing in a transition that makes the concept of self in space feel variant. Porcelain People is a personal favorite, seeming more like its giving the album a hit of colorful, acknowledging the ‘porcelain’ traits humans have. Its so easy to get lost and drown in all that noise and hustle. Everything reduntant has been touched in parts through this album, each track leaving its own rhythmic sway. The spacey musical arrangements make it a ride for the listeners, taking them through interesting solos and fresh multitudes in melody.

If you’re feeling the monsoons already, the moody and restless in you, take my word, ‘Renaissance’ from the Bombay boys is an album that’ll put you in a space you’ll like.

Author : Vanshika Tewary

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