‘Na Main Hu Na Tu’ – An Ode To Bittersweet Love

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and music composer Mayur Nagpal released his independent debut single “Na Main Hu Na Tu” in February. The song is written and composed by Mayur himself, produced by Christo Mathews of Sonic Creed. Christo has also recorded the bass for the song along with Shomu Seal on guitar duties.

The heavily acoustic song talks about the bittersweet experience of a dying relationship. The song features basic programmed percussion sitting beautifully under the vocal melodies. The underrated track features simple lyrics that don’t fail to evoke a sense of sorrow and loss. It focuses on how sometimes things go wrong in a relationship, and the pain when both want to stay with each other as well, but they can’t as there’s peace in solitude and it’s better to part ways.

The melancholic track is complemented with visuals on YouTube that is produced by AndaKurry Productions. The video shows the ups and downs of a relationship through the eyes of a couple.

Mayur has been consistently working in the digital and commercial music scene for years now. Most of his songs revolve around relationships, mental health, moving on from an experience.

Author : Rushaki Ghosh

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