Heavy Metal Band Zygnema’s Music Video for ‘I Am Nothing’ Portrays the Atrocious Rape Culture going on in the Country.

Heavy/ Groove Thrash metal veterans, Zygnema’s  new single titled ‘I AM NOTHING’ is a heart wrecking music video that is nothing less than the truth forgotten or bypassed. The song takes a direct shot at this country’s rising and unstoppable rape culture. All we do is watch, read, share, show virtual support and forget. This directly equates us of being helpless in proving the politicians right. Justice is never delayed. It is Denied.

Few lines from the song to summarize the above paragraph:

Silent Protest- is all I get until the trends end

We are, we are the falling of your moral standing”

This song is a great refresher for everyone simply because the band did not shy away when it came to experimenting and incorporating new sounds which only adds morbidity and tension to the song, managing to keep the motive and the message intact.

Even though a few people took the video in a wrong context, The whole point of the music and the video is to make people aware of the truth and spread awareness says Sidharth Kadadi, who is the guitarist & founding member of the Band.

Zygnema is a four piece Heavy/Thrash Groove Metal band from India (Mumbai). The band, over the last 10 years, has released two full length albums,won numerous national and international accolades that only do so much to correspond to the powerhouse that the band is. One such accolade is the award for Rolling Stone Metal awards 2011 Best Metal band and Best Metal Song in the popular choice category. Zygnema was formed in December 2006, and since then, have been grooving steadily to the tunes of success and uncompromising determination.

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