“Haunslaa” by Vinod Krishnan

Chennai-bred singer and composer Vinod Krishnan released his independent single “Haunslaa” on August 28. The indie-pop song speaks about never giving up on your dream and having thecourage to seize the day.

Written by Vinod and Anurag Mishra, and produced by Keshav Dhar, the song speaks to all
creators and independent artists who are continually hustling to make their dreams come true. The lines “Logon ki jo baatein unmein; kuch bhi na raakha. Mile tujhko khushi hai jisme; Usmein kadam badha ” aptly describes how we artists are vulnerable to criticism and hate. But, this track urges you to do what you love and not let the criticism control you.

The entire song was shot, recorded, and produced during the pandemic, not to forget the
collaborators are from the different parts of the world. Keshav Dhar added his magic to the songwith the right finish of production, mix, and master from Delhi, India. Together, Haunslaa is a product of a remote-independent collaboration, dedicated to all the indie artists out there who know they chose the challenging route but still don’t give up and work until they pave the way for success and shine.

The fresh and inspiring theme to the track is complemented by a descriptive storyline in the
video, scripted by Meghna Chakraborty. The video showed two parallel narratives of a
struggling artist and a successful one who’s singing to the former version and urging him never to give up. The video was shot in an exciting way, and most of it amid a pandemic. Kudos to the videographer Austin Beery, for pulling off such a tight-knit production with limited settings, and while taking all the social-distancing precautions.

The song takes a steady pace throughout – making you focus on the lyrics solely. The track is
simple, clean, and crisp, striving to create an effect with repetition. The catchy chorus, “Can’t you see, let me be, I am free” hits the right chord (literally) in your heart. It motivated me to take up my old guitar and continue learning it again.

Watch the full Music Video for Haunslaa

All in all, the artists did a great job keeping the song simple and to the point, which turned out tobe the beauty of this arrangement. If you are a creator and work restlessly to create your dream, Haunslaa is your anthem. Stream the song on all audio platforms now!

Author : Sruthi Dhulipala

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