SongDew X Global Music Space | Music Review Contest Winner – Rooyi By Lakshya Bhatnagar

Article By – Sruthi Dhulipala

Rooyi is a happy pop number that will be the earworm for those newly in love!

Rooyi is the first track on Lakshya’s Album – Kal Aaj aur Kal

The song begins with catchy snaps and guitar strums that set the vibe for the next 3:10 minutes. Lakshya Bhatnagar’s voice is soft and mellow – but at the same time, has a certain pop flair that makes it exciting at every verse. At the line “Aagosh Mein, Tujhe Leke Chalu Mei Aasman Ke Paar “ the vocals go higher and the emotion hits just right, charmingly flavored by the harmonies in the background. 

The song talks about the concept of “unconditional love” through adorable and relatable lyrics. Nothing too heavy or heart-wrenching – only the mild and heartwarming scenes that either remind you of your first love or make you look forward to the experience. The chorus is “Rooyi” and you will be hooked to it sooner than you think! Although there’s no overwhelming orchestral setting or no additional instruments that will ovewhelm you – what makes this song catchy and tight is the casual vibe and the right amount of guitars that transport you into a world where everything is floaty and nice, at least for the time being. Bhatnagar keeps it simple with the vocals – the notes are predictable and the runs add originality. 

The delivery is spot on, the lyricism is just right, and the acoustic guitar work is just the cherry on top. I know what I will be humming all day today and it’s “Rooyi, Rooyi, Rooyi” Listen to the song here!

About Lakshya Bhatnagar :

The Pune based Singer- Performer – Songwriter leads vocals for the band – LAKSHYA. From ‘Retro to Metro’, this act is a Multi – Genre force of classy Bollywood & Original songs, Catering to all age groups through its engaging mashups of all kinds of Hindi Music.

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