Indie Artists Share their Resolutions for 2021

Vinod Krishnan, Paranox, Apoorva Mudgal, and More 

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, especially for independent artists. It is also the year where we saw new artists emerge, brew creativity, and put out more online content than ever. We at Global Music Space reached out to some of the many talented independent artists who have been creating extraordinary content through the last year and are continuing to do so. 

Vinod Krishnan, an Atlanta-based Carnatic singer-composer-vocal coach, thinks his new year will include productivity and learning. “The joy of making music keeps me going. I think all creative people have risk-taking as an embedded trait,” he says. “This year, I want to focus more on originals and more teaching, along with releasing covers from time to time. There’s been a lot of demand for my training, and I think 2021 is the year I will focus more on that,” he adds. Vinod, who became viral for his Shape of You mix and his original Kaalai Pozhudhil, plans several remote releases this year and has exciting announcements lined up for 2021.

Meanwhile, Vinayak, an independent composer who collaborated with the likes of Saasha Tirupathi, Hriday Gattani, etc., is known for his hit EP “Iraada,” that released in 2020. This talented artist’s resolution for 2021 is to learn all that he can! “I’m not a trained musician, so my focus for the year is to dive deeper into Hindustani/Carnatic classical forms of music and take up both piano and guitar more seriously,” he says. Also, he wants to dabble into film and videography this year. “As far as what’s in store, I’ve spent the last few months just writing, writing, and writing some more – so hopefully some of that bears fruit in the form of more cool collaborations and videos,” he adds. 

Mallika Mehta, a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, also has a list of exciting releases in the pipeline herself. Her resolution to 2021, she says, is “to keep working hard and work relentlessly towards something that you may think is not easy to achieve and to just go with the flow, to take each day at a time.” Mallika is awaiting to go back on-stage and perform along with creating online content. “As far as I am concerned, I’m as much a singer-songwriter as a performer.,” she says. “I can’t wait to get back to the stage and perform live but all the amazing people out there, but I would still like for things to get normal before I get there. Until then, you can find me by my keyboard writing some more meaningful music,” she adds.

On the other hand, Indie trap and bass music producer and DJ, Paranox is looking forward to a year of collaborations. “This year, I am looking forward to working on exploring different styles and diversity in my music as well as interesting collaborations this year,” he says. “Music helps in bringing my inner creativity alive, and I am truly grateful that I enjoy what I do. My motto for this year would be to take one day at a time as each day in an artist’s life brings new opportunities.”

Top Left to Right – Vinod Krishnan , Apoorva Mudgal,
Bottom Left To Right -Vinayak, Mallika, Paranox

Meanwhile, from life at the Big Apple, Apoorva Mudgal, a New-York based singer-songwriter-lyricist is motivated to tune in deeper to music and practise more. “Last year, in what would later be diagnosed as post-lockdown depression and anxiety, I pretty much lost interest in doing all I once enjoyed so much – practicing music, recording, performing, posting, reading, cooking, going to the gym, meeting people – all of it. At its worst, I even stopped LISTENING to music!!,” she says. So, this year, Apoorva wants to gear back into performing, collaborating, writing. “And, I want to plan less, since life is too fragile to be controlled like that,” she says. And lastly, she plans to tune out social media a little and bring back the calm in her life. 

Our indie artists have their own ways of coping and motivating themselves for a musical 2021. What are your resolutions for this year? Write to us at @Globalmusicspace on Instagram and tell us how you’re making your 2021 productive and musical.

Article By Sruthi Dhulipala

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