Instagram Hacks for a Musician

Article by Sruthi Dhulipala

If you’re a musician aiming to release your work, you need social media to grow. You may be incredibly talented or have the next big hit written, but without proper reach, content channeling, or branding, your hit might be lost in the weeds before it reaches the billboards! 

(Photo by Melyna Valle on Unsplash)

How do we do that? One word – social media. While social media is not the only place you should be focusing on to put your music, it is a vital tool to meet new people and bring new fans to your music.

So, what can you do to make your content more interesting? Here are some tips that will help you rev up your Instagram game, and attract more followers, and also save time while you’re using the tool. 

Use Filters

Amidst the constant content churning, we forget that Instagram is a visual tool. The profiles that are more visually appealing attract more followers. 

I get it –  when you’re a musician – you need the flexibility to post videos, pictures, puppy videos, and maybe some pictures of yourself when you’re feeling cute. But, while doing so, did you also think you were losing consistency in color and theme when posting content on your grid? 

One simple solution is to use similar filters for the photos you post, no matter where their position is on the grid. For instance, if you enjoy giving your pictures the bluesy-contrast, try Clarendon filter on all your images and look at your grid slowly highlight the color theme. 

(Image Source: Iconosquare)

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can re-order your filters per your liking? When you are about to post a photo(s) or short video, simply go to the Filters menu, scroll to the end of the filter carousel, and hit “Manage” – then press on the re-order icon, and start organizing. You can also hide the filters that you don’t like. Click done, and ta-da!

Hidden Hashtags in Stories 

Do you add hashtags to your Instagram stories? If you don’t, start doing it! 

Hashtags help you reach people who do not follow you and increase traffic to your profile. To keep the aesthetic of the image of the video intact, add all the relevant hashtags and pinch them down to the smallest font size. Now, add a widget, sticker, or a symbol and add it on top of the hashtags to hide them.

Voila! Now, you have a beautiful looking story, an engaging widget or sticker to go along with it, and also the hidden gems that will bring you more eyeballs. 

Bonus tip: I generally tag relevant accounts or close friends who would be interested in sharing the story. However, sometimes I don’t want their usernames to be visible, so I shrink it down and hide it under a sticker too, or better yet, make it the same color as the background, so they turn invisible. 

Make your Stories Colorful

When you create a story, did you know you can select different shades of the colors by long pressing on the color palette you like? 

Okay, how do you do this? Select the drawing pen, and let’s assume you want a shade of orange on your story. Long press on the closest orange/red you see in the color circles, and you’ll see a shade palette open. Select the color based on your liking and use it. Here’s an excellent way to maintain color consistency and make your stories look more vivid and colorful.

Managing Multiple Links

“Link in bio” – the three magic words we use round the clock! Especially when you haven’t crossed the 10K follower mark and don’t posses the ultimate swipe-up power in your stories yet. When you’re regularly using links in your Instagram bio, considering linking it to an external site such as link.tree to organize all the links in your bio and add multiple links to your channels, work, articles, etc. 

Quick Replies?

Creators are busy people – we need to develop creative content, rehearse, and learn new skills every day, all while performing and staying active on all social channels, record videos, perform, and consistently stay active! It’s insane how one person can do it all.

But, why not make life easy when it comes to responding and engaging in standard compliments and questions? Few extra minutes saved are going to your practice time, so do it 😉

Here’s how you can save and manage quick replies: 

Go to the Settings menu > Creator and then go to the Quick Replies menu. 

Create a quick reply, and add a short-cut. For example, your followers are continually praising your content, have a thank you short cut ready! Write down your message and name your short cut ‘ty’.  Whenever you want to respond to a message, type ty, and your entire message will be automatically displayed. You can also set up quick replies for messages that you receive at hours that you might not quickly respond to, but make sure your response is personal and friendly. You’re an artist and should not sound like a bot or a franchise store.

If you liked these tips and found them helpful, leave a thumbs up in the comments below.

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