New-Jersey based rapper Kaly releases new Single – Ganesh On The Dash

Ganesh on the Dash by Kaly is a hip-hop original that has potential to reach the ears of avid indie music lovers. The song as a whole has a very interesting vibe and is very catchy. If to compare a hip hop artist of English music, I’d go with Roddy Ricch. 

The beats before the lyrics start are really mysterious. It sounds as if to build something very criminal but leads onto talking about Ganesh on the Dash. Kaly has worked to build the beats of the song as mysterious as the lyrics to his song goes. It is a good listen and the lyrics are very real and enthusiastic. 

The pre-chorus chants his power over people being a coloured man. He goes on to talk about his assumption of seeing God. It also goes on to state that the last name of a person is what makes he /she a target and that too very instantly. 

He goes on to talk about the plights of coloured people and about societal pressures and the death threats that are hauled at them regardless. 

It goes on with Indian references like ‘rotis’ and ‘nanak’ bringing about an immediate change in the system of his lyrics. There are only a handful of references used to Indian culture and yet they are done so brilliantly well that their disappearance somewhere in the middle is not noticed during the course of the song. 

Music Video For Ganesh on the dash by Kaly

As the song comes to an end, unlike most songs, there is not bridge that ends it. It is a repeated verse which makes the song seem a little unfinished but unique in that way. 

About Kaly

Kaly is an American hip-hop artist hailing from New Jersey. The product of immigrant parents, he has been forging a name for himself in the world of hip-hop for about 15 years now. With countless full-length projects under his belt and collaborations with well-known musicians like A.R. Rahman, Kaly has performed at MetLife Stadium, been featured on a Playstation game, had write-ups in NBC and Vibe, and has managed to gain respect from real message-minded rappers, and more mainstream artists alike. Considered a “rapper’s rapper,” Kaly’s music is highly conceptual and always carries a lesson.

Article By Isha Tojan

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