‘Nukkad Closed’- by Manas Jha featuring Keshav Dhar is a musical tribute to the real life superwoman ‘Garima Kothari’.

Author – Esha Pardeshi

Manas Jha is back with the first track ‘Nukkad Closed’ from his upcoming three track EP ‘TRIFECTA’, which is set to release this March 2021.

 While 2020 managed to get the best of us, Jha found himself on an all time musical high! 

 Manas Jha has released an indie-rock song called ‘Nukkad Closed’ for his upcoming album ‘Trifecta’ on 29th January 2021 at Apple and VH1 exclusively. And it will be out for the worldwide reach from 5th February 2021 onwards. 

This 6:13 minutes length track is singing a story of its own where the sounds are contributed by Manas Jha, and an award winning producer, Keshav Dhar and Dave Schonauer together. In honor of Garima Kothari- Manas Jha speaks about domestic violence through a Graphic novel style animation music video created by Delhi based animator Dhruv Sharma.


Starting off with a soft, depressing electric guitar strumming in the intro, the jangly electric guitar takes over from there and builds the whispery verse of the indie-rock song sung  by Manas Jha himself. We can also hear the drums , complex electronic beats and synthesizers blowing at the back as he whispers and cries his song. The music production, mixing and guitar is handled by an award winning producer, Keshav dhar, which is truly mesmerizing to ears. With Jhas growling, the chorus comes into play. And he sings, “Monster! Searing in my brain…Hear now, hear it say?” 

The drop in the song is heard just after a beautiful note of violin leaves its mark.Dave Schonauer did a splendid job in unifying the sounds through his mastering.This music video is produced by Dhruv Sharma and managed by 4/4 PR Agency.  

Atlast, the song ends with a beautiful shift of language from english to Hindi which closes the song very well. 

Manas jha is also the songwriter for the song. And his beautiful abstracted lyrics are addressing the elements of storytelling with greater message and emotions very well. Tho Jha could have opened up his vocal chords more w.r.t. The spots where he sings with his voice higher. which keeps us interested throughout the song is Keshav Dhars composition which needs to be praised.


The music video depicts the story of late Garima Kothari who was the owner of the Nukkad restaurant in Jersey city, NJ. The real life superwoman went from being an investment banker to Master chef India finalist, to Le cordon Bleu Paris alumnus to the owner of the Nukkad restaurant. 

The New York based singer-songwriter, Manas Jha says that Nukkad was his favorite go-to lunch place where he would meet Garima a few times. 

Shockingly, on the morning of Sunday morning, April 26 2020, Kothari was found dead in the apartment she shared with her partner Man Mohan Mall in an alleged murder-suicide case. She was five months pregnant, an autopsy revealed. His husband was also found unresponsive around the same time in the Hudson river. “Since then, I’ve been by the restaurant several times. The lights are off, the tables and chairs are still turned over, and the ominous sign hangs outside: ‘Nukkad Closed”, said Manas Jha.

Thereby, in this gloomy clip we see a dove and crows metaphorically portraying Kothari’s story as imagined by Jha himself. “Throughout the video, we can watch the superwoman- like white dove fight impossible odds. But she is, ultimately, overcome by the villainous fleet of black crows”. In the video, the dove represents those who fly above all odds, flies over the dark world colored with shades of red and black depicting hate and scum. The crows trying to cause pain to the dove ends up falling themselves too- As a result of their misdeeds. But, at the end of the video the eggs of the dove fall into pieces. As pointed out by Sharma- the animator, “It’s not about a single life lost, but many”, showcasing the unborn child of Kothari.

Towards the outro, the language changes its course from english to hindi: ‘Kya mein, abhi bhi hun wahi…Raha na khud pe hi yakeen.’ Leaving the viewers in a conundrum of deep remorse and anger. 

Jha adds, “ with this video, my hope is that people take the time to learn about her. She was a fighter and bravely took on impossible odds. She was so much more than the news headlines of her horrific death”.

Music Video For Nukkad Closed


Mumbai bred and New york based singer songwriter Manas Jha is set to release his other two songs on EP- ‘Trifecta’,  which are ‘Myrooh’, featuring FuzzCulture and Siddharth Basrur, and ‘Liberate’, featuring Warren Mendonsa and Jai Row Kavi

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