GrooveBot collaborates with the mighty Siddharth Basrur on New Single – Gentle Scars

GrooveBot’s first single titled ‘Toxic’ featuring Pratika on vocals got released in June 2020 and got itself some really good reviews. But their second single, ‘Gentle Scars’ featuring Siddharth Basrur on vocals followed on 25th January 2021, and guys, it rocked our minds.
2020 was a bit/LOT of what we did not expect, with a weird juxtaposition of everything and nothing happening at once. Life can be like that sometimes, testing our tolerance to no levels. But what’s good is that 2021 comes with amazing deliveries like these – with
honing real fresh talent, here to bless our days. Keep reading for a short review on the new single. Excuse the bias, it comes with everything awesome.

‘Gentle Scars’ kicks off with a groove that’s almost vaporwave, before the tone-setting rockers take charge. Heavy with dark undertones, the riffs turn the nu-metal rhythm into an undeniably groovy hypnotic repetition. As GrooveBot puts it, “The track has those undeniable dark undertones which are kinda reflective of the headspace I was in then.” Good luck sitting in just one spot as you listen to this song!

The end of the tunnel slings a riff, and Siddharth caresses a phrase tightly around it – “Bury me in salt/So I can hide my wounds”. There’s a startling roughness to his voice that fleshes out plenty ruminations (“I don’t know what I want/But I want it now”). An
honest narration on thoughts, more familiar than you’d expect. And who isn’t a sucker for raw, real vocal delivery. Siddharth: “The lyrics were written about 2-3 years ago, at a time
where I felt I could be doing so much more but was in a spiral of self-doubt and stagnation. I guess the old adage stands; the only thing really stopping you, is yourself.”

Music Video for Gentle Scars

The song is kept alive with the perpetually dynamic riffs all along the way, like a sharp mood swing. True to their name, GrooveBot didn’t let the groove die, even amidst industrial landscapes. Oh, behold our favourite part. The outro is an endlessly addictive
ocean of turbulent indulgence – so good, you’ll want to go down with it and keep coming back for more (“I don’t need to feel something else”). With all the forces of the song expertly at play, all at once, you don’t need to be at a dome theatre to feel ethereally
consumed! Fresh and immensely indulging, it’s as if the entire essence of the song manifests itself at the end.

All in all, ‘Gentle Scars’ is a raging industrial banger with its young energy and raw passion. It can’t get darker than this, and as GrooveBot mentions, “Dark undertones with ambient layers and distorted guitar riffs are a part and parcel of my sound.” You wish it were longer!

Author : Gayatri Gajare

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