Arunaja’s heart-touching new single ‘I’ll Never Be the One’ is all set to release this Valentines’ week

Unless you’re a die-hard, anti-fan of romance, this week marks the beginning of a very familiar, fuzzy mood. Arunaja’s third single, ‘I’ll Never Be The One’, written and composed by herself, produced by award-winning producer Keshav Dhar, captures the sentiment near perfectly. If you haven’t felt love-buzzed in a while, well, be prepared. [queue Lion King’s Scar theme]

The record starts off boldly with pronounced chords backing her dreamy voice, brimming with passion – “I heard your story / That you’ve been broken hearted”. Clean, striking vocals paint us a lush red landscape through the first verse, setting in the mood just right. Reminiscent of the diva era, her voice preserves the rich texture of those times, but with a refreshing 21st century twist.

Some people believe that few things in this world are as meaningful as love and nothing compares, while some argue that it’s the most overrated emotion ever. Either ways, this track is definitely on its way to tickle your love buds, so gear up hardies. If there’s one day you might think about giving love a shot, it’s Valentines’ and this track’s only here to support you.

The track touches upon sensitive themes and pours with unabashed affection . Even though it falls under pop, it’s got bits of RnB and soul scattered across its length, with a bold synthesizer progression holding it together till the very end. The gentle, airy transition into the bridge transforms the sonic scape into something of a sweet tornado with Arunaja’s soothing voice taking full control for a good thirty seconds. A calming downer follows with “I’ll never be the one / To __” – returning us back to where we started, except with a full bloom and lush of feelings! For three and half minutes to be able to change our mood so drastically, is really quite something.

So yes, Arunaja’s ‘I’ll Never Be the One’ is an undeniably heart-touching record, tugging at our softest selves, pulling out the love in us. Not to mention of course, an absolutely timely treat for us old souls! Set your reminders and tune in to Spotify for its release on 12th Feb 2021. What are your thoughts and plans this Valentine’s Day, do you have any go-to tunes? Let us know in the comments below!

Author : Gayatri Gajare

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