The rhythm of Jaden Maskie’s Heart

Ready to explore and take over the music industry, Jaden presents his latest single ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’. A self-taught guitarist, singer, songwriter and a producer, Jaden’s songs hit you right where they should.

Moving out of his comfort zone with his this single, Jaden successfully experimented with new sounds and instruments, creating a song which proves to be a perfect blend of melodies, a powerful, bold voice that exudes confidence, along with intense backing vocals and harmonies – all of which convenes together and makes you want to hit that repeat button, and revel in the emotions and rawness his voice holds. With exceptional songwriting, ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’ talks about trying to figure out your way in the world, learning to go with the flow and surrender instead of fighting it out.

About this very special release, Jaden Maskie says, “I am so excited to be putting out all this music and can’t wait to explore all possibilities this industry has to offer. Being from small town Goa, I am so happy with all the love and support I’ve got thus far from everyone and I look forward to the same for ‘Rhythm of my Heart’.”

Released on 30th January, this song brings forth a complex, lavish production. Jaden has previously released three other songs – ‘These Nights With You’, ‘Not My Mistake’ (his debut single), and ‘If I Let You Go’ – all of which make you feel like you’re at a beach with the soft crashing of the waves, or in an empty train on a winter morning as you look out the window. The 19-year-old singer – songwriter from Goa has also collaborated with fellow Goan musicians – Tsumyoki and 2jaym on a track called ‘The Way I Fall in Love’, which gets you swaying and tapping your feet to the catchy beat.

Check out his latest single here –

More about Jaden Maskie: Jaden started his career as a vocal recording artist and has been involved with showcasing his talents and voice through several ad jingles for brands like KFC, Nestle Milk among others. He also sang in the background score for the hit Bollywood film ‘Guzaarish’ starring Hritik Roshan. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jaden moved to Goa in 2017 and ever since, has augmented his musical ambitions. He has put out five original tracks to his credit.

Article by – Presha Mahajan

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