Sanjeeta Bhattacharya’s First Hindi Collaboration ‘Khoya Sa’ depicts the story of two sub – urban women confused by the cultural notion of Conventional Love.

Author : Esha Pardeshi

Warm greetings to all the Melophiles out there!

Your ghost friend is here to serve you a musical treat created by a Delhi based singer-songwriter, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. Stay tuned for more;)

For starters..

Here, We have the 3:19 minutes of Hindi flavoured music by a tremendous vocalist and a rising Indie musician, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya who is known for her global voice. Her single, ‘Khoya Sa’ in collaboration with Aman Sagar is a Pop/ RnB ballad featuring singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar alongside herself in the Music Video.

Now let’s hop into the main course;) 

‘Khoya Sa’- music review

Sanjeeta is known for her Jazzy textured vocals and an overall stunt voice. Here too, she is seen singing by using the technique of bending the notes instead of attacking them directly on the center. She uses the mixture of harmonies and melodies very well in her music. This marks her well equipped learning with her vastly built vocals which are influenced from Hindustani Classical, jazz, folk, and Latin styles with multi-lingual lyrics to create stories around myriad experiences. 

Now, coming to this song- ‘Khoya Sa’, starts with the incidental music of some retro sounds strummed through electric guitar and bass played by the producer Aman Sagar prodigiously. From there, our lead singer, Sanjeeta versifies the song with her clear intonations. Which is followed by soft drum rolls and sitar to applaud our singer harmonically. And she ends her chorus by melodically saying, “ Mai Khoyi si rahun..”   (song- paused);)

This song is a love themed Pop/RnB Ballad which has been recorded using  funky dance rhythms which is seen in Sanjeeta’s most of the songs. She says, “ The track features sitar, a very crunchy bass and guitar. The idea was to create a modern sound using retro elements”. And the hindi lyric to the song is kept very simple for listeners to dance to it rather than go finding deeper meaning of it. Atlast, Sanjeeta and Aman have together written the lyrics for Khoya Sa.


As the bridge of the song comes into play, vocal lead is shifted from Sanjeeta to Aman who has also written this specific part in the form of lyric rap.And his voice is playing with the overall mood of the song making it more fun for listeners. With the end of the bridge, the song is handled completely by a soulful mixture of sitar and electric guitar music, which is to be praised. And as the song heads towards the outro, we can catch both of our singers harmonizing together to the overall song melodiously.

Wait!..Dessert is yet to be served;)

About the music video

The Music Video of ‘Khoya Sa’ is celebrating the love of the LGBTQ community with depiction of queerness in it. The MV acknowledges the Indian aesthetic with the video being shot in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Yamuna Ghat. The music video features singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar alongside Sanjeeta Bhattacharya herself as the protagonists.

Khoya sa is an imagery of Sanjeeta, where she quotes, “It’s a theatrical representation of an undeniable attraction between two women in 21st century sub-urban India who are confused by our cultural notions of conventional love.”

Queer feeling is still a taboo in many parts of India. Therefore, the video portrays a very straightforward love song where Sanjeeta said- “I wanted to show how beautifully ordinary queer relationshiops really are!” From holding hands to passionately kissing each other, we can only embrace their love with the song line- Mai Khoyi si rahun!! 

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