Sheil Sagar’s Debut Single – If I Tried

If I tried is the new solo by Sheil Sagar, released on the 22nd of January 2020

Being his debut single, it is not just any other feel good song that doesn’t take the risk of experimentation. It feels like a poem where the confused lover stares at the present through the mist of a painful past. The lyrics is authentic and story like that expresses the strive for a love of a life. The violin gives it a touch of old jazz. It reminds you a little of the Winchester Cathedral. Sinatra like stride of the music makes it a pleasing piece.

The chorus is just about the right measure for the background piano score that sways like the branches of a bamboo in the light breeze. “I am miles away from the places where I long to be, will that distance be the only thing that makes me say goodbye” the writer implores the reasons for his love not being enough.

Sheil Sagar captures the unanswered questions of love through his lyrical ballad as the song casually takes you on a self comprehending journey. His voice proves to be the right mix of vulnerable and young for the meaning of the song.

All in all it’s a pretty soothing musical mesh that leaves you tapping on the replay as you try to embrace the rawness of the lyrics.

Author : eaGeorge

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