For all the things that have been left unsaid, Roshni Thakkar talks about her second single – NAQS

For all the things that have been left unsaid, NAQS, the second single by the very talented Roshni Thakkar was released on January 30 th of this year, it has been released on several platforms. After her first solo Murda Dil, Roshni is back with a piece that has a familiar tone of the parting without saying last goodbyes. The music is all about the love that wasn’t enough.

” Have you ever been in love with someone, but things didn’t workout between the two of you, and you wished you could express your feelings one last time before they left you? This is exactly the whole idea behind writing Naqs.”, Roshni states.

Very different from the theme and rhythm of her Murda Dil, NAQS is a go to song for the sad sheep. NAQS talks about how the lover regrets the parting after the loss. NAQS is the Urdu derived word for shortage or absence. It feels more like a setting sun, the cry for a last time is without any doubt expressed rightly by the
song. “My wish in your absence “ is the reverberating chorus line of a heart wrenching plea.

Watch the music video for NAQS

Murda Dil her solo debut was released during the lockdown. The song lyrics talks about how we all have become the self-centred bunch that forgets to lend helping hand, how in these disturbingly selfish times, we try to quench our wants instead of our needs. The video of the song was shot using an iPhone 8 at her
home. In the vlogs of her working on NAQS she talks about how she wanted to record it somewhere other than home. There are two funny and raw vlogs that she has posted across social media which documents the real struggle that starts months before the actual recording.

Roshni who used to perform in her school and college band co-founded an all female ensemble in 2016 and the following year she went solo. She is a Mumbai based singer and songwriter who experiments in Independent pop rock, RnB and experimental music. Some of her major musical inspirations are The Local Train, Amit Trivedi, Yellow Diary and rock music along with local bands around her. She has been a part of “Kappa TV” as a backing vocalist. She has sung the track “Tere Seene Pe” by Vinod Bansode Project that has been released by Zee Music Company and has crossed 1,30,000+. She has also been featured as a vocalist onFever 104 and other radio channels. She is a kindled spirit trying her best to
produce original indie music of her own.

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