Shachi Pathak Takes Us On An Emotional Rollercoaster with ‘In My Head’

In about one year, Mumbai based singer-songwriter, Shachi Pathak, released two hindi singles followed by a hindi EP. Arriving quickly after, is her first English single, In My Head, that was released on 23 Jan, 2021. 

Similar to her prior releases, Lo-Fi and Shachi’s smooth vocal texture make a great duo! Her latest release is laced with soft harmonies and pop nostalgia. Beginning with a haunting melody on the keys, the song progresses to heavy bass that takes it to a new level of profound passion. Whereas the simplicity and sincerity in the lyrics leave the bass unobstructed and free. 

The arrangement of the song reflects the words accompanying it. The mix of harmonies on the pre-chorus makes you trudge on a path of reflection on times when unrequited emotions take over your mind. 

‘In My Head’ is a song that was initially born out of the frustration and hurt of someone leaving you at your most vulnerable. The very first line of the song, “Is this all in my head?”, exhibits the chaos inside one’s mind. Further, the lyrics, “Every night I open the door, it’s so bright from the moonlight. Back in my room, it’s hot, it’s a box, full of haze.”, takes you on a journey of feeling ‘paralyzed’ even in your safest place. The wistful cry in Shachi’s voice and the booming bass feels like an introspective journey, navigating through all kinds of emotions and feelings. The static noise in the intro and the background hum in various sections of the song, compliments the spiral of thoughts Shachi delivers in the lyrics. 

Although Shachi Pathak wrote the song about a very personal incident in her life, there is something very familiar about feeling scared, alone and hurt. For this reason, the song can be perceived in a hundred different ways by different listeners. 

The music video, directed by Ria Gandhi and Umang Jaiswal, cleverly captures the melodic details the song has to offer. The dark dipping neon lights and quick changing screens, clearly delivers and compliments the feelings of longing in Shachi’s voice. Further, the music video (shot entirely indoors) supports the intimacy of thoughts that is the very foundation of the song.

Similar to the music video, the single artwork is quick to express the confusion and madness in one’s mind. The bright trippy backdrop and the monochrome portraits showcase a wide palette of emotions, just like in the song. 

According to Shachi, In My Head is more than just another sad song. She describes the song as a friend for “everyone who is trying to fight a spiral of thoughts, which they know, they need to come out of, but there is a kind of euphoria that they’ve found in it. And that holds them back.” 

If you’re looking for a perfect song for a drive alone around your town, or just need an ideal 3 AM companion, stream In My Head now.

Author : Poorvi Naithani

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