‘La Hermosa Tristeza’ is a Spanish single by Second Sight for their upcoming album Coral

Article By – Esha Pardeshi

For the upcoming album Coral, Second Sight is back with their second single called as La Hermosa Tristeza on the 12th of March, 2021.

The song which translates into ‘beautiful sadness’ is influenced by brazilian Bolero and spanish composers like Antonio Carlos Jobim and Ivan Lins.
La Hermosa Tristeza can be broken down as a song with inventive musical elements.The vocalists, Anusha and Pushkar tried to convey the mood and emotions aroused around the music rather
than its detailed picture which is enough for listeners to give a light hearted laugh. While listening, it feels like the song is made of two sections which move around each other. The song is very easy to
listen to because the timbre of the melodic line constantly changes as the melody is passed around the different instruments of the family. Succinctly, harmony inspired by Bolero is the strength of the
song. Whereas, the ¾ time signature of a song makes it sound more interesting. Music set on slow tempo with repeated melodic setting and rhythm played on snare drums starts the dance.

The people involved in the making of this song are namely:
Anusha Ramasubramoney for composition, lyrics and her jazzy smooth vocals; Pushkar Srivastal for composition, mixing, english lyrics and soulful vocals; Ralph Menzes on bass; Jigar Shah playing
drums; Jayakrishnan Unnithan for piano and synths; Paul Brown for whistling the Clarinet; Vaibhav Wavikar for percussion; Sameer Shah for drum recording and drum production; Thomas Juth for mastering and Robert Thompson for his artwork.

Second Sight talks about the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia through the song lyrics penned in spanish and english. The duo posted on social sites about the song saying that, “ the feeling of
nostalgia is a bittersweet one… The yearning for yesterday for yesterday wars with no real desire to return it, because, is the reversion to the older self really worth the erasure of all the experiences that got you here?”

The song says:
I wonder , if you were to appear
Would I stay or would I escape?
…If you’re looking for a spanish song with Indian roots, ‘La Hermosa
Tristeza’ is the one for you. Stream it now.

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