Saaranya releases her second single – I Purple You

It’s safe to say that the artist , Saaranya, intended through this song to serenade a lover. The
lyrics of this song and of course the music that goes along are gentle and comforting. It
envelopes one into a little cocoon of trust. Furthermore, the lyrics are comforting to listen to
especially since it speaks about how comfortable it is to be around one’s lover. Saaranya has
also replaced the word ‘love’ which can be considered to be her own version of expressing
love through the colour purple, which is already one that is delicate and indicates fragility
she attempts to portray a whole new type of affinity for the one she adores.

For a song this simple, her voice fits right into the little puzzle she’s made for herself. It is
calming to listen to her cradle the song and allow it take its own path. The interpretation of
this song is pretty simple. It doesn’t have one too many explanations therefore making it the
best fit to serenade your special someone. Through the lyrics, she attempts to inform the
listener on the amount of trust she holds in her lover, comparing her partner to the moon, the
phrase ‘two souls in a cloud’ shows the trust she has in her partner.

Watch the Music video for I Purple You here.

Saaranya said – I don’t think hard and fast about creating melodies or lyrics. Whenever I sit down to write something, the words and the music just come to me naturally. I prefer writing lyrics along with the melody as it gives me a clearer idea on where the song is headed. Most of my songs just come to me after I have come up with a chord progression on my guitar. Later I go back to them to make a few alterations wherever necessary. I haven’t really written a track with someone before. It’s mostly just me and the producer for the designated track working together. I like best working with people whose vision for the project matches mine. For, I purple you, the producer was Rwitobroto. I came across his profile on insta and checked out his previous work which suited what I had in mind for my track, and so we ended up working together.
I have at least three more singles planned out for release in the coming months. One being I purple you’s remix coming on 30th April. I suggest everyone mark the date in their calendars. It’s something new and unexpected and I would love for everyone to experience it with me. 

‘I purple you’ is heartwarming and comforting better yet, it is romance in its most simple

Author : Isha Tojan

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