Indie Reviews – Far Away by Luksimi

Article by Sruthi Dhulipala

May is Mental Health Month. So, let’s start the month by reviewing a track that supports and communicates the angst of those affected by mental illness. 

Far Away, by Luksimi is a heart-tugging pop melody that talks about both the good days and the bad ones. The video shows the angst of a young woman when the people she really cares about drift, far away. It talks about depression and how there’s so much going around us that might impact our mental health without us knowing. 

They say music heals – and Luksimi’s voice surely has a soothing effect. Her singing was honest and minimalistic and carried a tone of genuine concern. The harmonic layers were textured well – they came at the right places and were not overused. Pay attention to the lyrics because boy, they are sincere. The lines “I watch the skies every day searching for you, you fade away into the night like shooting stars,” speak volumes about the fear of missing someone you really care about. 

Produced by Rianjali, the composition is a subtle stack of pianos and synth chords, with a string section in between. The arrangement is simple, no grand gestures there. But, the skill lies in finding the right balance between light layers and ethereal over-the-top sections. The keys and strings shuffled between simple progressions and sustained notes. Tasteful.

What’s the final word? I’d describe Far Away as both mellow and bold at the same time. It talks about what’s important – the ups and downs of life and how it’s okay to celebrate both. But, at the same time, it explores the feeling of missing somebody you love. Watch the video here.

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