For all the things that have been left unsaid, Roshni Thakkar talks about her second single – NAQS

For all the things that have been left unsaid, NAQS, the second single by the very talented Roshni Thakkar was released on January 30 th of this year, it has been released on several platforms. After her first solo Murda Dil, Roshni is back with a piece that has a familiar tone of the parting without saying last goodbyes. The music is all about the love that wasn’t enough.

” Have you ever been in love with someone, but things didn’t workout between the two of you, and you wished you could express your feelings one last time before they left you? This is exactly the whole idea behind writing Naqs.”, Roshni states.

Very different from the theme and rhythm of her Murda Dil, NAQS is a go to song for the sad sheep. NAQS talks about how the lover regrets the parting after the loss. NAQS is the Urdu derived word for shortage or absence. It feels more like a setting sun, the cry for a last time is without any doubt expressed rightly by the
song. “My wish in your absence “ is the reverberating chorus line of a heart wrenching plea.

Watch the music video for NAQS

Murda Dil her solo debut was released during the lockdown. The song lyrics talks about how we all have become the self-centred bunch that forgets to lend helping hand, how in these disturbingly selfish times, we try to quench our wants instead of our needs. The video of the song was shot using an iPhone 8 at her
home. In the vlogs of her working on NAQS she talks about how she wanted to record it somewhere other than home. There are two funny and raw vlogs that she has posted across social media which documents the real struggle that starts months before the actual recording.

Roshni who used to perform in her school and college band co-founded an all female ensemble in 2016 and the following year she went solo. She is a Mumbai based singer and songwriter who experiments in Independent pop rock, RnB and experimental music. Some of her major musical inspirations are The Local Train, Amit Trivedi, Yellow Diary and rock music along with local bands around her. She has been a part of “Kappa TV” as a backing vocalist. She has sung the track “Tere Seene Pe” by Vinod Bansode Project that has been released by Zee Music Company and has crossed 1,30,000+. She has also been featured as a vocalist onFever 104 and other radio channels. She is a kindled spirit trying her best to
produce original indie music of her own.

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Sheil Sagar’s Debut Single – If I Tried

If I tried is the new solo by Sheil Sagar, released on the 22nd of January 2020

Being his debut single, it is not just any other feel good song that doesn’t take the risk of experimentation. It feels like a poem where the confused lover stares at the present through the mist of a painful past. The lyrics is authentic and story like that expresses the strive for a love of a life. The violin gives it a touch of old jazz. It reminds you a little of the Winchester Cathedral. Sinatra like stride of the music makes it a pleasing piece.

The chorus is just about the right measure for the background piano score that sways like the branches of a bamboo in the light breeze. “I am miles away from the places where I long to be, will that distance be the only thing that makes me say goodbye” the writer implores the reasons for his love not being enough.

Sheil Sagar captures the unanswered questions of love through his lyrical ballad as the song casually takes you on a self comprehending journey. His voice proves to be the right mix of vulnerable and young for the meaning of the song.

All in all it’s a pretty soothing musical mesh that leaves you tapping on the replay as you try to embrace the rawness of the lyrics.

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Sanjeeta Bhattacharya’s First Hindi Collaboration ‘Khoya Sa’ depicts the story of two sub – urban women confused by the cultural notion of Conventional Love.

Author : Esha Pardeshi

Warm greetings to all the Melophiles out there!

Your ghost friend is here to serve you a musical treat created by a Delhi based singer-songwriter, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. Stay tuned for more;)

For starters..

Here, We have the 3:19 minutes of Hindi flavoured music by a tremendous vocalist and a rising Indie musician, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya who is known for her global voice. Her single, ‘Khoya Sa’ in collaboration with Aman Sagar is a Pop/ RnB ballad featuring singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar alongside herself in the Music Video.

Now let’s hop into the main course;) 

‘Khoya Sa’- music review

Sanjeeta is known for her Jazzy textured vocals and an overall stunt voice. Here too, she is seen singing by using the technique of bending the notes instead of attacking them directly on the center. She uses the mixture of harmonies and melodies very well in her music. This marks her well equipped learning with her vastly built vocals which are influenced from Hindustani Classical, jazz, folk, and Latin styles with multi-lingual lyrics to create stories around myriad experiences. 

Now, coming to this song- ‘Khoya Sa’, starts with the incidental music of some retro sounds strummed through electric guitar and bass played by the producer Aman Sagar prodigiously. From there, our lead singer, Sanjeeta versifies the song with her clear intonations. Which is followed by soft drum rolls and sitar to applaud our singer harmonically. And she ends her chorus by melodically saying, “ Mai Khoyi si rahun..”   (song- paused);)

This song is a love themed Pop/RnB Ballad which has been recorded using  funky dance rhythms which is seen in Sanjeeta’s most of the songs. She says, “ The track features sitar, a very crunchy bass and guitar. The idea was to create a modern sound using retro elements”. And the hindi lyric to the song is kept very simple for listeners to dance to it rather than go finding deeper meaning of it. Atlast, Sanjeeta and Aman have together written the lyrics for Khoya Sa.


As the bridge of the song comes into play, vocal lead is shifted from Sanjeeta to Aman who has also written this specific part in the form of lyric rap.And his voice is playing with the overall mood of the song making it more fun for listeners. With the end of the bridge, the song is handled completely by a soulful mixture of sitar and electric guitar music, which is to be praised. And as the song heads towards the outro, we can catch both of our singers harmonizing together to the overall song melodiously.

Wait!..Dessert is yet to be served;)

About the music video

The Music Video of ‘Khoya Sa’ is celebrating the love of the LGBTQ community with depiction of queerness in it. The MV acknowledges the Indian aesthetic with the video being shot in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Yamuna Ghat. The music video features singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar alongside Sanjeeta Bhattacharya herself as the protagonists.

Khoya sa is an imagery of Sanjeeta, where she quotes, “It’s a theatrical representation of an undeniable attraction between two women in 21st century sub-urban India who are confused by our cultural notions of conventional love.”

Queer feeling is still a taboo in many parts of India. Therefore, the video portrays a very straightforward love song where Sanjeeta said- “I wanted to show how beautifully ordinary queer relationshiops really are!” From holding hands to passionately kissing each other, we can only embrace their love with the song line- Mai Khoyi si rahun!! 

The rhythm of Jaden Maskie’s Heart

Ready to explore and take over the music industry, Jaden presents his latest single ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’. A self-taught guitarist, singer, songwriter and a producer, Jaden’s songs hit you right where they should.

Moving out of his comfort zone with his this single, Jaden successfully experimented with new sounds and instruments, creating a song which proves to be a perfect blend of melodies, a powerful, bold voice that exudes confidence, along with intense backing vocals and harmonies – all of which convenes together and makes you want to hit that repeat button, and revel in the emotions and rawness his voice holds. With exceptional songwriting, ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’ talks about trying to figure out your way in the world, learning to go with the flow and surrender instead of fighting it out.

About this very special release, Jaden Maskie says, “I am so excited to be putting out all this music and can’t wait to explore all possibilities this industry has to offer. Being from small town Goa, I am so happy with all the love and support I’ve got thus far from everyone and I look forward to the same for ‘Rhythm of my Heart’.”

Released on 30th January, this song brings forth a complex, lavish production. Jaden has previously released three other songs – ‘These Nights With You’, ‘Not My Mistake’ (his debut single), and ‘If I Let You Go’ – all of which make you feel like you’re at a beach with the soft crashing of the waves, or in an empty train on a winter morning as you look out the window. The 19-year-old singer – songwriter from Goa has also collaborated with fellow Goan musicians – Tsumyoki and 2jaym on a track called ‘The Way I Fall in Love’, which gets you swaying and tapping your feet to the catchy beat.

Check out his latest single here –

More about Jaden Maskie: Jaden started his career as a vocal recording artist and has been involved with showcasing his talents and voice through several ad jingles for brands like KFC, Nestle Milk among others. He also sang in the background score for the hit Bollywood film ‘Guzaarish’ starring Hritik Roshan. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jaden moved to Goa in 2017 and ever since, has augmented his musical ambitions. He has put out five original tracks to his credit.

Article by – Presha Mahajan

Arunaja’s heart-touching new single ‘I’ll Never Be the One’ is all set to release this Valentines’ week

Unless you’re a die-hard, anti-fan of romance, this week marks the beginning of a very familiar, fuzzy mood. Arunaja’s third single, ‘I’ll Never Be The One’, written and composed by herself, produced by award-winning producer Keshav Dhar, captures the sentiment near perfectly. If you haven’t felt love-buzzed in a while, well, be prepared. [queue Lion King’s Scar theme]

The record starts off boldly with pronounced chords backing her dreamy voice, brimming with passion – “I heard your story / That you’ve been broken hearted”. Clean, striking vocals paint us a lush red landscape through the first verse, setting in the mood just right. Reminiscent of the diva era, her voice preserves the rich texture of those times, but with a refreshing 21st century twist.

Some people believe that few things in this world are as meaningful as love and nothing compares, while some argue that it’s the most overrated emotion ever. Either ways, this track is definitely on its way to tickle your love buds, so gear up hardies. If there’s one day you might think about giving love a shot, it’s Valentines’ and this track’s only here to support you.

The track touches upon sensitive themes and pours with unabashed affection . Even though it falls under pop, it’s got bits of RnB and soul scattered across its length, with a bold synthesizer progression holding it together till the very end. The gentle, airy transition into the bridge transforms the sonic scape into something of a sweet tornado with Arunaja’s soothing voice taking full control for a good thirty seconds. A calming downer follows with “I’ll never be the one / To __” – returning us back to where we started, except with a full bloom and lush of feelings! For three and half minutes to be able to change our mood so drastically, is really quite something.

So yes, Arunaja’s ‘I’ll Never Be the One’ is an undeniably heart-touching record, tugging at our softest selves, pulling out the love in us. Not to mention of course, an absolutely timely treat for us old souls! Set your reminders and tune in to Spotify for its release on 12th Feb 2021. What are your thoughts and plans this Valentine’s Day, do you have any go-to tunes? Let us know in the comments below!

Author : Gayatri Gajare

GrooveBot collaborates with the mighty Siddharth Basrur on New Single – Gentle Scars

GrooveBot’s first single titled ‘Toxic’ featuring Pratika on vocals got released in June 2020 and got itself some really good reviews. But their second single, ‘Gentle Scars’ featuring Siddharth Basrur on vocals followed on 25th January 2021, and guys, it rocked our minds.
2020 was a bit/LOT of what we did not expect, with a weird juxtaposition of everything and nothing happening at once. Life can be like that sometimes, testing our tolerance to no levels. But what’s good is that 2021 comes with amazing deliveries like these – with
honing real fresh talent, here to bless our days. Keep reading for a short review on the new single. Excuse the bias, it comes with everything awesome.

‘Gentle Scars’ kicks off with a groove that’s almost vaporwave, before the tone-setting rockers take charge. Heavy with dark undertones, the riffs turn the nu-metal rhythm into an undeniably groovy hypnotic repetition. As GrooveBot puts it, “The track has those undeniable dark undertones which are kinda reflective of the headspace I was in then.” Good luck sitting in just one spot as you listen to this song!

The end of the tunnel slings a riff, and Siddharth caresses a phrase tightly around it – “Bury me in salt/So I can hide my wounds”. There’s a startling roughness to his voice that fleshes out plenty ruminations (“I don’t know what I want/But I want it now”). An
honest narration on thoughts, more familiar than you’d expect. And who isn’t a sucker for raw, real vocal delivery. Siddharth: “The lyrics were written about 2-3 years ago, at a time
where I felt I could be doing so much more but was in a spiral of self-doubt and stagnation. I guess the old adage stands; the only thing really stopping you, is yourself.”

Music Video for Gentle Scars

The song is kept alive with the perpetually dynamic riffs all along the way, like a sharp mood swing. True to their name, GrooveBot didn’t let the groove die, even amidst industrial landscapes. Oh, behold our favourite part. The outro is an endlessly addictive
ocean of turbulent indulgence – so good, you’ll want to go down with it and keep coming back for more (“I don’t need to feel something else”). With all the forces of the song expertly at play, all at once, you don’t need to be at a dome theatre to feel ethereally
consumed! Fresh and immensely indulging, it’s as if the entire essence of the song manifests itself at the end.

All in all, ‘Gentle Scars’ is a raging industrial banger with its young energy and raw passion. It can’t get darker than this, and as GrooveBot mentions, “Dark undertones with ambient layers and distorted guitar riffs are a part and parcel of my sound.” You wish it were longer!

Author : Gayatri Gajare