‘Nukkad Closed’- by Manas Jha featuring Keshav Dhar is a musical tribute to the real life superwoman ‘Garima Kothari’.

Author – Esha Pardeshi

Manas Jha is back with the first track ‘Nukkad Closed’ from his upcoming three track EP ‘TRIFECTA’, which is set to release this March 2021.

 While 2020 managed to get the best of us, Jha found himself on an all time musical high! 

 Manas Jha has released an indie-rock song called ‘Nukkad Closed’ for his upcoming album ‘Trifecta’ on 29th January 2021 at Apple and VH1 exclusively. And it will be out for the worldwide reach from 5th February 2021 onwards. 

This 6:13 minutes length track is singing a story of its own where the sounds are contributed by Manas Jha, and an award winning producer, Keshav Dhar and Dave Schonauer together. In honor of Garima Kothari- Manas Jha speaks about domestic violence through a Graphic novel style animation music video created by Delhi based animator Dhruv Sharma.


Starting off with a soft, depressing electric guitar strumming in the intro, the jangly electric guitar takes over from there and builds the whispery verse of the indie-rock song sung  by Manas Jha himself. We can also hear the drums , complex electronic beats and synthesizers blowing at the back as he whispers and cries his song. The music production, mixing and guitar is handled by an award winning producer, Keshav dhar, which is truly mesmerizing to ears. With Jhas growling, the chorus comes into play. And he sings, “Monster! Searing in my brain…Hear now, hear it say?” 

The drop in the song is heard just after a beautiful note of violin leaves its mark.Dave Schonauer did a splendid job in unifying the sounds through his mastering.This music video is produced by Dhruv Sharma and managed by 4/4 PR Agency.  

Atlast, the song ends with a beautiful shift of language from english to Hindi which closes the song very well. 

Manas jha is also the songwriter for the song. And his beautiful abstracted lyrics are addressing the elements of storytelling with greater message and emotions very well. Tho Jha could have opened up his vocal chords more w.r.t. The spots where he sings with his voice higher. which keeps us interested throughout the song is Keshav Dhars composition which needs to be praised.


The music video depicts the story of late Garima Kothari who was the owner of the Nukkad restaurant in Jersey city, NJ. The real life superwoman went from being an investment banker to Master chef India finalist, to Le cordon Bleu Paris alumnus to the owner of the Nukkad restaurant. 

The New York based singer-songwriter, Manas Jha says that Nukkad was his favorite go-to lunch place where he would meet Garima a few times. 

Shockingly, on the morning of Sunday morning, April 26 2020, Kothari was found dead in the apartment she shared with her partner Man Mohan Mall in an alleged murder-suicide case. She was five months pregnant, an autopsy revealed. His husband was also found unresponsive around the same time in the Hudson river. “Since then, I’ve been by the restaurant several times. The lights are off, the tables and chairs are still turned over, and the ominous sign hangs outside: ‘Nukkad Closed”, said Manas Jha.

Thereby, in this gloomy clip we see a dove and crows metaphorically portraying Kothari’s story as imagined by Jha himself. “Throughout the video, we can watch the superwoman- like white dove fight impossible odds. But she is, ultimately, overcome by the villainous fleet of black crows”. In the video, the dove represents those who fly above all odds, flies over the dark world colored with shades of red and black depicting hate and scum. The crows trying to cause pain to the dove ends up falling themselves too- As a result of their misdeeds. But, at the end of the video the eggs of the dove fall into pieces. As pointed out by Sharma- the animator, “It’s not about a single life lost, but many”, showcasing the unborn child of Kothari.

Towards the outro, the language changes its course from english to hindi: ‘Kya mein, abhi bhi hun wahi…Raha na khud pe hi yakeen.’ Leaving the viewers in a conundrum of deep remorse and anger. 

Jha adds, “ with this video, my hope is that people take the time to learn about her. She was a fighter and bravely took on impossible odds. She was so much more than the news headlines of her horrific death”.

Music Video For Nukkad Closed


Mumbai bred and New york based singer songwriter Manas Jha is set to release his other two songs on EP- ‘Trifecta’,  which are ‘Myrooh’, featuring FuzzCulture and Siddharth Basrur, and ‘Liberate’, featuring Warren Mendonsa and Jai Row Kavi

New-Jersey based rapper Kaly releases new Single – Ganesh On The Dash

Ganesh on the Dash by Kaly is a hip-hop original that has potential to reach the ears of avid indie music lovers. The song as a whole has a very interesting vibe and is very catchy. If to compare a hip hop artist of English music, I’d go with Roddy Ricch. 

The beats before the lyrics start are really mysterious. It sounds as if to build something very criminal but leads onto talking about Ganesh on the Dash. Kaly has worked to build the beats of the song as mysterious as the lyrics to his song goes. It is a good listen and the lyrics are very real and enthusiastic. 

The pre-chorus chants his power over people being a coloured man. He goes on to talk about his assumption of seeing God. It also goes on to state that the last name of a person is what makes he /she a target and that too very instantly. 

He goes on to talk about the plights of coloured people and about societal pressures and the death threats that are hauled at them regardless. 

It goes on with Indian references like ‘rotis’ and ‘nanak’ bringing about an immediate change in the system of his lyrics. There are only a handful of references used to Indian culture and yet they are done so brilliantly well that their disappearance somewhere in the middle is not noticed during the course of the song. 

Music Video For Ganesh on the dash by Kaly

As the song comes to an end, unlike most songs, there is not bridge that ends it. It is a repeated verse which makes the song seem a little unfinished but unique in that way. 

About Kaly

Kaly is an American hip-hop artist hailing from New Jersey. The product of immigrant parents, he has been forging a name for himself in the world of hip-hop for about 15 years now. With countless full-length projects under his belt and collaborations with well-known musicians like A.R. Rahman, Kaly has performed at MetLife Stadium, been featured on a Playstation game, had write-ups in NBC and Vibe, and has managed to gain respect from real message-minded rappers, and more mainstream artists alike. Considered a “rapper’s rapper,” Kaly’s music is highly conceptual and always carries a lesson.

Article By Isha Tojan

Instagram Hacks for a Musician

Article by Sruthi Dhulipala

If you’re a musician aiming to release your work, you need social media to grow. You may be incredibly talented or have the next big hit written, but without proper reach, content channeling, or branding, your hit might be lost in the weeds before it reaches the billboards! 

(Photo by Melyna Valle on Unsplash)

How do we do that? One word – social media. While social media is not the only place you should be focusing on to put your music, it is a vital tool to meet new people and bring new fans to your music.

So, what can you do to make your content more interesting? Here are some tips that will help you rev up your Instagram game, and attract more followers, and also save time while you’re using the tool. 

Use Filters

Amidst the constant content churning, we forget that Instagram is a visual tool. The profiles that are more visually appealing attract more followers. 

I get it –  when you’re a musician – you need the flexibility to post videos, pictures, puppy videos, and maybe some pictures of yourself when you’re feeling cute. But, while doing so, did you also think you were losing consistency in color and theme when posting content on your grid? 

One simple solution is to use similar filters for the photos you post, no matter where their position is on the grid. For instance, if you enjoy giving your pictures the bluesy-contrast, try Clarendon filter on all your images and look at your grid slowly highlight the color theme. 

(Image Source: Iconosquare)

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can re-order your filters per your liking? When you are about to post a photo(s) or short video, simply go to the Filters menu, scroll to the end of the filter carousel, and hit “Manage” – then press on the re-order icon, and start organizing. You can also hide the filters that you don’t like. Click done, and ta-da!

Hidden Hashtags in Stories 

Do you add hashtags to your Instagram stories? If you don’t, start doing it! 

Hashtags help you reach people who do not follow you and increase traffic to your profile. To keep the aesthetic of the image of the video intact, add all the relevant hashtags and pinch them down to the smallest font size. Now, add a widget, sticker, or a symbol and add it on top of the hashtags to hide them.

Voila! Now, you have a beautiful looking story, an engaging widget or sticker to go along with it, and also the hidden gems that will bring you more eyeballs. 

Bonus tip: I generally tag relevant accounts or close friends who would be interested in sharing the story. However, sometimes I don’t want their usernames to be visible, so I shrink it down and hide it under a sticker too, or better yet, make it the same color as the background, so they turn invisible. 

Make your Stories Colorful

When you create a story, did you know you can select different shades of the colors by long pressing on the color palette you like? 

Okay, how do you do this? Select the drawing pen, and let’s assume you want a shade of orange on your story. Long press on the closest orange/red you see in the color circles, and you’ll see a shade palette open. Select the color based on your liking and use it. Here’s an excellent way to maintain color consistency and make your stories look more vivid and colorful.

Managing Multiple Links

“Link in bio” – the three magic words we use round the clock! Especially when you haven’t crossed the 10K follower mark and don’t posses the ultimate swipe-up power in your stories yet. When you’re regularly using links in your Instagram bio, considering linking it to an external site such as link.tree to organize all the links in your bio and add multiple links to your channels, work, articles, etc. 

Quick Replies?

Creators are busy people – we need to develop creative content, rehearse, and learn new skills every day, all while performing and staying active on all social channels, record videos, perform, and consistently stay active! It’s insane how one person can do it all.

But, why not make life easy when it comes to responding and engaging in standard compliments and questions? Few extra minutes saved are going to your practice time, so do it 😉

Here’s how you can save and manage quick replies: 

Go to the Settings menu > Creator and then go to the Quick Replies menu. 

Create a quick reply, and add a short-cut. For example, your followers are continually praising your content, have a thank you short cut ready! Write down your message and name your short cut ‘ty’.  Whenever you want to respond to a message, type ty, and your entire message will be automatically displayed. You can also set up quick replies for messages that you receive at hours that you might not quickly respond to, but make sure your response is personal and friendly. You’re an artist and should not sound like a bot or a franchise store.

If you liked these tips and found them helpful, leave a thumbs up in the comments below.

Indie Artists Share their Resolutions for 2021

Vinod Krishnan, Paranox, Apoorva Mudgal, and More 

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, especially for independent artists. It is also the year where we saw new artists emerge, brew creativity, and put out more online content than ever. We at Global Music Space reached out to some of the many talented independent artists who have been creating extraordinary content through the last year and are continuing to do so. 

Vinod Krishnan, an Atlanta-based Carnatic singer-composer-vocal coach, thinks his new year will include productivity and learning. “The joy of making music keeps me going. I think all creative people have risk-taking as an embedded trait,” he says. “This year, I want to focus more on originals and more teaching, along with releasing covers from time to time. There’s been a lot of demand for my training, and I think 2021 is the year I will focus more on that,” he adds. Vinod, who became viral for his Shape of You mix and his original Kaalai Pozhudhil, plans several remote releases this year and has exciting announcements lined up for 2021.

Meanwhile, Vinayak, an independent composer who collaborated with the likes of Saasha Tirupathi, Hriday Gattani, etc., is known for his hit EP “Iraada,” that released in 2020. This talented artist’s resolution for 2021 is to learn all that he can! “I’m not a trained musician, so my focus for the year is to dive deeper into Hindustani/Carnatic classical forms of music and take up both piano and guitar more seriously,” he says. Also, he wants to dabble into film and videography this year. “As far as what’s in store, I’ve spent the last few months just writing, writing, and writing some more – so hopefully some of that bears fruit in the form of more cool collaborations and videos,” he adds. 

Mallika Mehta, a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, also has a list of exciting releases in the pipeline herself. Her resolution to 2021, she says, is “to keep working hard and work relentlessly towards something that you may think is not easy to achieve and to just go with the flow, to take each day at a time.” Mallika is awaiting to go back on-stage and perform along with creating online content. “As far as I am concerned, I’m as much a singer-songwriter as a performer.,” she says. “I can’t wait to get back to the stage and perform live but all the amazing people out there, but I would still like for things to get normal before I get there. Until then, you can find me by my keyboard writing some more meaningful music,” she adds.

On the other hand, Indie trap and bass music producer and DJ, Paranox is looking forward to a year of collaborations. “This year, I am looking forward to working on exploring different styles and diversity in my music as well as interesting collaborations this year,” he says. “Music helps in bringing my inner creativity alive, and I am truly grateful that I enjoy what I do. My motto for this year would be to take one day at a time as each day in an artist’s life brings new opportunities.”

Top Left to Right – Vinod Krishnan , Apoorva Mudgal,
Bottom Left To Right -Vinayak, Mallika, Paranox

Meanwhile, from life at the Big Apple, Apoorva Mudgal, a New-York based singer-songwriter-lyricist is motivated to tune in deeper to music and practise more. “Last year, in what would later be diagnosed as post-lockdown depression and anxiety, I pretty much lost interest in doing all I once enjoyed so much – practicing music, recording, performing, posting, reading, cooking, going to the gym, meeting people – all of it. At its worst, I even stopped LISTENING to music!!,” she says. So, this year, Apoorva wants to gear back into performing, collaborating, writing. “And, I want to plan less, since life is too fragile to be controlled like that,” she says. And lastly, she plans to tune out social media a little and bring back the calm in her life. 

Our indie artists have their own ways of coping and motivating themselves for a musical 2021. What are your resolutions for this year? Write to us at @Globalmusicspace on Instagram and tell us how you’re making your 2021 productive and musical.

Article By Sruthi Dhulipala

Vidya Vox and Nucleya All Set to Discover and Collaborate with Upcoming Artists for BACARDÍ Sessions Season 4

From the launch in 2017, BACARDÍ Sessions has continued its commitment to indie artists and showcased incredible talent in the subsequent years. It has also supported these artists’ milestones, and brought the country some of its most beloved tracks. Now in season four, it’s all set to present artists across music, art and dance a chance to do what moves them and to collaborate with Nucleya and Vidya Vox.

The first season received an overwhelming response with over 2500 entries from musicians
across genres, and ever since, the platform has grown stronger every year. The second season brought popular and celebrated musicians Amit Trivedi, Benny Dayal and Mohini Dey onboard to guide, nurture and promote upcoming musicians with their tracks. BACARDÍ also continued their commitment to upcoming artists by supporting Ritviz’s debut album launch for ‘Ved.’ And the third season introduced the spirit of ‘Do What Moves You’ by giving artists and dancers a platform to express themselves freely through their art and feature in music videos for Ritviz’s track ‘Liggi’ and ‘Chalo Chalein’. With ‘Thandi Hawa’, Bacardi Sessions & Ritviz wanted to bring music lovers together to let loose and express themselves freely from the safety of their homes to get a chance to be featured in the official music video. Videos poured in from across the world of fans expressing their own unique talents, creativity and passion, all to the tune of the song. Ritviz announced season 4 on an Insta Live, while sharing his journey with the platform ever since ‘Udd Gaye’ became an instant hit. He was joined by Nucleya and Vidya Vox who discussed their personal journeys and the credibility of this platform and the huge opportunity it presents to the burgeoning talent in the country. Ritviz also opened up the stage to jam with budding artists live and express themselves through their music or art.

Looking forward to kick-starting Season 4, Nucleya said, “It was great fun launching the first
season of BACARDÍ Sessions and it’s been simply amazing to witness the platform’s
extraordinary journey ever since. Over the years, it has continued its commitment to upcoming indie talent, and given so many artists a platform to do what moves them and showcase their talent. This season, I’m thrilled to be a mentor and be tuned in to all the entries that we hope will come in. I’m really looking forward to an awesome collaboration! ”
“I have been following BACARDÍ Sessions from the first season and been in awe of the new
talent discovered and nurtured by them. India has such an abundance of talent and any chance we get to showcase talent, we should! This platform presents a massive opportunity for these artists to do what moves them & support them on their journeys. This year, as a mentor I feel a sense of responsibility, and hope to help bring out the best in these artists. It’s thrilling to be a part of the artists’ journeys & collaborate with them,” said Vidya Vox, while speaking of the platform.

Sameeksha Uniyal, Senior Brand Manager, Brand BACARDÍ, India & South-east Asia said,
“BACARDÍ has always been committed to independent music and providing budding indie artists a space to express themselves, come together & do what moves them. With every season, the platform has gotten bigger, better and stronger. This year, we continue the legacy by opening up the platform to all artists to encourage self-expression & showcase their talent. We simply can’t wait to see the incredible entries and the exciting collaborations in store for all us!” This season will see 2 incredible tracks & videos being launched by the winning artists, co- created with their respective mentors Nucleya and Vidya Vox.

All artists can share their entries tagging Vidya Vox, Nucleya with #BacardiSessions and #Dowhatmovesyou

SongDew X Global Music Space | Music Review Contest Winner – Rooyi By Lakshya Bhatnagar

Article By – Sruthi Dhulipala

Rooyi is a happy pop number that will be the earworm for those newly in love!

Rooyi is the first track on Lakshya’s Album – Kal Aaj aur Kal

The song begins with catchy snaps and guitar strums that set the vibe for the next 3:10 minutes. Lakshya Bhatnagar’s voice is soft and mellow – but at the same time, has a certain pop flair that makes it exciting at every verse. At the line “Aagosh Mein, Tujhe Leke Chalu Mei Aasman Ke Paar “ the vocals go higher and the emotion hits just right, charmingly flavored by the harmonies in the background. 

The song talks about the concept of “unconditional love” through adorable and relatable lyrics. Nothing too heavy or heart-wrenching – only the mild and heartwarming scenes that either remind you of your first love or make you look forward to the experience. The chorus is “Rooyi” and you will be hooked to it sooner than you think! Although there’s no overwhelming orchestral setting or no additional instruments that will ovewhelm you – what makes this song catchy and tight is the casual vibe and the right amount of guitars that transport you into a world where everything is floaty and nice, at least for the time being. Bhatnagar keeps it simple with the vocals – the notes are predictable and the runs add originality. 

The delivery is spot on, the lyricism is just right, and the acoustic guitar work is just the cherry on top. I know what I will be humming all day today and it’s “Rooyi, Rooyi, Rooyi” Listen to the song here!

About Lakshya Bhatnagar :

The Pune based Singer- Performer – Songwriter leads vocals for the band – LAKSHYA. From ‘Retro to Metro’, this act is a Multi – Genre force of classy Bollywood & Original songs, Catering to all age groups through its engaging mashups of all kinds of Hindi Music.