Rushikesh Nene writes new music with Duneheart

Baroda based singer-songwriter Rushikesh Nene has been making music for a while now. A quick visit to his SoundCloud page shows releases going 7 years back.

Last month he released a new solo track along with a well produced video available on Youtube called ‘Broken Dreams’. The song is written and composed by Rushikesh Nene himself. The easy-listening, feel good track brings a message for the listeners to let go of their fears and sadness, and believe in the power of manifestation of the good.

The song has an indie-pop-acoustic vibe with a heavy focus on guitar melodies and impeccable finger picking. Basic percussions add to the track beautifully accenting the sonic experience. The bridge introduces a melancholic string melody which circles back to the chorus. Nene’s vocals add another dimension to the track elevating it to the warm feeling it exhibhits.

Rushikesh is a part of a three piece blues band called Duneheart as well. The band formed in 2013, comprises of Srisamarth Inamdar as the drummer, Sankalp Vyas as the bassist and Nene as the lead vocalist and guitarist. After a short haitus from 2016-19, the band is working on new music for their debut EP titled “Stay With Me”. They look to release 5 originals, with blues and rock and roll elements, composed over the years. They plan to drop the album sometime in June.

Cup Of Tea is the third song from their upcoming EP whose release date isn’t announced yet. The song is littered with hints of social dissent tastefully sprinkled through the lyrics and samples used. Sonically, the song brings forth cheeky rock and roll guitar melodies and riffs along with classic blues inspired lyrics. The bass and drums are also perfectly incorporated into the the vibe of the song.

Rushikesh Nene Performing live with his band Duneheart

Its a fun listen. We look forward to the EP release for more content from the artists.

Author : Rushaki Ghosh

Juman The Band – Breath of freshness in Indie Rock

Juman The Band is an indie soft rock duo composed of two brothers – Sagar and Sahil Chopra. An entrepreneur and a sound engineer respectively, the both of them claim to have a strong soul for music. They look to make simple yet meaningful music to connect with their listeners. Sagar and Sahil pursue music as a passion parallel to their businesses and admittedly dedicate their music as a tribute to their late mother.

With Sagar taking the lead on writing and melodies and Sahil with his music arrangement and production skills, Juman has already gained quite a following on their videos on youtube, and a strong fanbase. Both of them, with their vocal prowess have been able to delight their audience with emotional and heart tugging music that undoubtedly leaves them wanting more.

They aim to fuse indie rock with strong Indian roots and melodies to bring a new dimension for the listeners of Juman. They also look forward to more releases in the coming year.

Their debut release ‘Jee Le’  released last year in June has already managed to garner over 750k views on Youtube. This track is one full of positivity and speaks about listening to one’s heart. A lyrically sound track, Sagar and Sahil sing about forgetting the pain of the past and looking towards a brighter future.

The easy listening track is built over beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies. The duo successfully incorporates traditional Indian sounds and folk elements in their music, keeping an authentic touch and also aligning in line with what they wish to achieve with their sound.  The track is also accompanied with an endearing music video shot in snow-clad mountains. 

Watch the visuals for Jee Le here.

Another track by the duo – Maa – is an ode to their late mother. It was released in December last year and also accompanied by a black-and-white music video featuring the artists. It is an acoustic track that tugs at the heartstrings of the listeners with its heartfelt lyrics.

Composed and produced by the brothers, this sentimental track conveys their emotions perfectly. Vocally, it features alternating verses by the brothers. The track starts with a melancholic piano melody which builds continuously through as it progresses. The bridge of the song features a sort of dramatic crescendo and a change.

Watch the visuals for Maa here.

In our opinion, Juman the band has a lot of potential to grow and deliver a fresher and newer sonic in the soundscape in the indie rock scene.

Author: Rushaki Ghosh


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