‘Renaissance’ by Corner Cafe Chronicles

20 seconds into CCC’s latest album and you’ll feel yourself going into a nostalgic local bar-back-in-the-day kinda feeling. ‘I.F. Only’ is playful and a smooth on and off between electro and alt-rock. Patkar (Vocalist) seems to have held on to making it sound as genuine and real as possible and in most ways succeeded. ‘Renaissance’Continue reading “‘Renaissance’ by Corner Cafe Chronicles”

ANC And Their Message Of Positivity In “Be Alright”

Mumbai-based three-piece outfit – ANC dropped their new track “Be Alright” along with an endearing music video in the first week of May. The single is their first release this year. It follows after their debut three-track EP – ‘Tell Me Everything’ and the other singles they released last year. ‘Be Alright’ is an easyContinue reading “ANC And Their Message Of Positivity In “Be Alright””